I ship via USPS.  All fees are based upon their fee schedule plus the cost of shipping materials, processing, etc. 

Photos  will ship normally within 3 to 4 days of purchase.  If I get your picture back from the lab and find that it is not what we expected (too light or too dark, etc.) I will resend to the lab and get a better quality image.  I will email you to let you know if there is a delay.

Canvas prints normally take 2 weeks to ship.

One of the reasons that I do not use 3rd party photography sites is that when you use their sites you never get to see the printed product.  You have to count on the lab tech to always do it right.  I don't think that is good enough so, even though it may slow the process down a bit to have the lab deliver prints to me first before you get them - I know that the print is as good as I can get it before it ships to you.

Custom photo gifts  will take a bit longer to get out of the door depending on what you ordered.  Coffee mugs will go out within 5 days of your order via USPS.  Upon receipt of your order I will email you with an estimated time frame for shipping.

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